What Happens During the Roof Replacement Process?

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If your home needs a new roof, you’re probably looking forward to the roof replacement process. Not only can a new roof increase your home’s curb appeal, but you also won’t have to spend as much time and money fixing your roof. Before we get started working on your new roof, here is what you can expect during the roof replacement process.

What Happens During the Roof Replacement Process?

We’ll start off by removing all your old roofing materials, including the shingles and underlayment. We’ll then replace any wet, soft, or rotted wood we find after we’ve got your old roof removed. We’ll also inspect your roofing base for any other issues and alert you to these problems before we move forward.

After we have your roofing base fully prepared for a new roof, we’ll start laying out your new roofing materials. Typically, we’ll start at the bottom of your roof and work our way up. We’ll carefully install the new materials while installing around your ridge capping, counter flashing, and ridge vents.

Once we have all your new roofing materials installed, we’ll clean up the jobsite. Installing a new roof can be a messy project, and we’ll take special care to fully clean up your property. Once we do this, we’ll perform a final inspection of your new roof.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the roof replacement process leading up to the day of installation. For more information or to learn more about what happens when you replace your roof, contact us today.